GEEKNEON: Where Neon Meets Passion

Imagine a world where light isn't just functional, it's an artistic expression. That's the driving force behind GEEKNEON, a company born from a shared fascination with the captivating glow of neon lights and a meticulous pursuit of innovation.

Our story began with a simple spark – a desire to capture the timeless allure of classic neon while embracing modern advancements. We weren't satisfied with the status quo. We dreamt of crafting custom LED signs that were not only stunningly personal but also environmentally responsible.

That's where the magic happens. At GEEKNEON, we're not just manufacturers, we're illumination architects. We weave your story into the very fabric of light, using the latest LED technology to create bespoke neon signs that stand the test of time. We've meticulously replaced the traditional glass elements with energy-efficient LEDs, ensuring your vision shines brightly for over a decade – a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. (VAT No.: NL004968612850, TAX No.: 695306601B01)

A Commitment to Quality and Individuality

From cozy home corners to vibrant businesses, our neon signs are more than just decorations; they're conversation starters and mood setters. We believe in the power of bespoke design, where your unique vision meets our craftsmanship to illuminate not just spaces, but also the faces of those who experience them.

GEEKNEON is more than a brand; it's a movement. We're a passionate team on a mission to create a brighter, greener, and more personalized world – one custom neon sign at a time.

Join the GEEKNEON Family

When you choose GEEKNEON, you're not just acquiring a product, you're establishing a relationship. We're as invested in your vision as you are, and our team of experts is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life. Let us help you illuminate your world, spark conversations, and leave a lasting impression. Welcome to the GEEKNEON family, where your light is our source of inspiration.

Shine brighter together. Let's illuminate the world, one neon sign at a time.


LED neon signs are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a unique and eye-catching way to advertise their business or add a personal touch to their home decor. At our company, we offer a range of LED neon signs that come with several benefits, including:

  • Durability - Our neon signs use the latest neon flex technology, which is both stronger and lighter than traditional glass neon. This means that our signs are more durable and less likely to break, making them a great investment for any business or homeowner.

  • Energy Efficiency - Our LED neon signs are not only environmentally friendly, but they're also cost-effective. They consume low energy and have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours, making them an economical choice in the long run.

  • Safety - Our custom LED signs are made with neon LED light tubes that are safe for children. Unlike traditional glass neon signs, our LED lights do not heat up and are cool to the touch, making them safe for anyone to handle.

  • Ease of Installation - All of our neon lights come with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging and wall mounting. This means that you can have your sign up and running in no time, without having to worry about complicated installation processes.

  • Low Maintenance - Our LED neon signs are incredibly durable and easy to clean, making them a low-maintenance option for businesses and homeowners alike.

  • Lightweight - Our custom-designed signs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for a range of purposes. Whether you're looking for a unique sign for your wedding or a personalized gift idea, our LED neon signs are sure to impress.

We hope that these benefits have convinced you of the many reasons why LED neon signs are a great investment for your home or business.