Offline Neon Sign Selling: Challenges and Reflections An Anticipated Start

As a neon sign maker based in the Netherlands, I was eager to explore new sales channels after the pandemic. My partner found a large-scale market and booked a 2-meter booth, filling me with anticipation for the upcoming event.

Unexpected Challenges

However, upon arriving at the market, I discovered that it was a massive European flea market where customers had to pay an entrance fee. This was far from what I had envisioned, as I initially expected a retail market for regular consumers where I could easily showcase and sell my neon creations.

Faced with this challenge, I realized the need to adapt my strategy. I carefully selected a few unique and cost-effective neon signs and prepared promotional materials to introduce customers to the craftsmanship and cultural significance of neon signs.

A Challenging Offline Experience

On the day of the event, I greeted each customer enthusiastically, patiently answered their questions, and actively recommended my products. However, things didn't go as planned. Due to space limitations and weather conditions, my neon signs couldn't fully display their charm, and customers were more inclined to purchase inexpensive second-hand items.

Ultimately, the offline event yielded disappointing results, with only a few pieces sold. I felt disappointed and frustrated, but also recognized it as a valuable learning experience that provided me with a clearer understanding of the offline market.

Deep Reflection

Through this event, I deeply reflected on my shortcomings:

    • Insufficient market research: I failed to research the type of target market and customer needs beforehand, leading to a wrong choice of location.
    • Inadequate preparation: I didn't book an indoor booth and lacked power and promotional materials, affecting the product display effect.
    • Product pricing strategy needs adjustment: In a flea market, the price of neon signs lacked competitiveness compared to other products.

Future Prospects

Moving forward, I will continue to improve my products and designs and formulate more effective sales strategies. I will also be more cautious in selecting offline events and make thorough preparations to achieve better results.

Experience Sharing

For other neon sign makers who want to try offline selling, I suggest:

    • Thoroughly understand the target market: Choose the right market type and develop sales strategies tailored to the target customer group.
    • Be well-prepared: Ensure the venue, product display, promotional materials, and other aspects are well prepared.
    • Formulate a reasonable pricing strategy: Consider the target market's spending power and develop a competitive pricing strategy.

I hope my experience can help other makers better conduct offline sales activities.


Although this offline selling event was challenging, it also brought me valuable lessons and experiences. In the future, I will continue to learn and grow, constantly improving my products and services to provide customers with a better experience.